Munjanattu Kudumbayogam

St. Thomas, an apostle of Jesus Christ came to Kodungalloor to propagate Lord’s mission in A.D. 52. Hearing the good news of Jesus Christ from St.Thomas many from those areas which were under the Brahmin influence were converted to Christianity. He travelled all over Kerala and established churches at various places. He was martyred at Mylapore (St.Thomas Mount) in Tamil Nadu). The mission started by St. Thomas has spread all over Kerala attracting a lot of Hindus for centuries now. Some of these Christians travelled south and settled there. They kept on preaching and spreading the good news of our Lord. Though there were resistances, they practised the spreading of gospel around instead of remaining silent. Scholars create changes.

It is very difficult to trace out the root or the origin of Karuvatta Munjanattu family in the absence of authentic depositions. So we have to depend on legends of our ancestors passed on orally, the points and notes written by them to get a clear picture about oldest generations. As per these legends and available records, family’s root begins at our forefather Sri.Aankan Chandy from Panachamoottil family at Karthikappally. We are also in search of the origin beyond Panachamoottil Family.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Purpose is to enable individuals and families to lead a true Christian life in action by considering others need as own and uplifting the lives of less privileged within the family and the Society they live. And to help by providing advice in order to resolve the disputes between families, siblings and married couples within the Kudumbayogam.


Though this family has its main root in Kerala, many of its youngsters and new families are not familiar to their heritage or do not have any idea of their ancestry. Many have memories and contacts limited to two or three generations consisting of grandchildren to grandparents. Though we have wide network of contacts and activities in our daily life, we hardly meet or interact with our own close relatives. In a busy and competitive life schedule, some of our members does not get the opportunity of attending Kudumbayogam or familiarise with others. This website is mainly meant for those members living away from their forefathers land and has different tongues. With this website, we are trying to provide a common platform to all family members to share their knowledge, skills, views, information and concerns with others. We anticipate more involvement and participation of our youngsters as well as family members of any age group. Please make use of this website to develop a better interpersonal relation and a very strong family bond among the family members living all over the world even though having not seen each other ever since.

We thank the website Sub-committee convenor Mr. Jais Mathew, the members Mr. Johnson Mathew, Dr. Chandy Varghese and Mr. T.C.Thomas for co-ordinating to host this website within a short period.